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BaZeN Jukebox  v.1.0

BaZeN jukebox is a PHP and MySQL-driven script, which is capable of indexing music, edit id3-tags and more. It has been designed to be very userfriendly and very customizeable. Always runs in kiosk-mode. Everything is controlled from the numeric

Extensible, Mult-emUlator Front End  v.1.0.0

EMUFE (Extensible, Multi-emUlator Front End) This is a Front end system for any emulator. This front end runs in full-screen Kiosk tmode rather than a GUI. It was designed to run cleanly from CD-Roms (both LiveCDs and ordinary

Friky: copy free content to usb keys  v.1.0

friky is a very convenient utility to create kiosk dedicated to filling USB Key with free software or music. You can setup a PC during meetings with this software. Your visitors can plug in their USB Key. They can choose what they want using the

ThinXP  v.32

ThinXP runs a Windows XP Workstation like a Citrix WinCE Thin Client. It uses the Citrix ICA Client as shell replacement. On startup it shows the Citrix Desktop instead of the WindowsXP Desktop (Kiosk mode). It has also the ability to force a auto

YgboX  v.0.23.beta

Apple Mac-based software solution powering multi-screen content. For digital signage, kiosk/stand displays and presentations for live events. Any number of physical displays, any resolutions, any

Cash service payment processing gateway  v.1.0

Processing center allowing cash accepting POS terminals to clear the payments with the service providers. Typically in kiosk scenarios allowing the customers to pay mobile phone recharges and communal charges.

WinKiosk  v.1.0

winKiosk is a set of tools that let you transform a Windows PC into a printing kiosk with little effort. It utilizes command line prompts and javascript to control the desktop and connect to a print server.

Grimore  v.1.0

A Magic: The Gathering which focuses on a user-friendly interface geared toward storefront kiosk use. Eventually, it will include a deck builder, simple query functions, and basic statistical analysis of any given deck's design.

DigitalTickets  v.1.0

Scheduling, reserving, issuing and managing digital tickets for cinemas, theaters, stadiums etc. Consists of : DataBase, MIS, POS, TV, KIOSK, NET, Phone modules. POS and kiosk modules execute under touch screen hardware. TV module is for viewing schedule

OrangePay  v.1.0

Free cross-platform thin-client application for self-service pay kiosks with a functionality of monitoring kiosk state.

Powerbullet Presenter  v.1.309

Easily create slick Flash presentations for business, sales or educational uses. Simple drag and drop interface means no technical expertise required. Publish to the ubiquitous Flash format for maximum exposure. Supports graphics, sound, animation.

FastPictureViewer  v.

FastPictureViewer helps review and rate images (Adobe XMP, MicrosoftPhoto) faster by taking advantage, when available, of the power of multicore processors and the speed of DirectX graphic accelerators, all working together to speed up viewing.

Mango  v.1.52

It is well-known that the main disadvantage of web applications is that they lack the functionality and manageability of standard desktop applications. If you are looking for a way to run your favourite desktop applications as easily and as if they

DisplayOp Free Edition  v.2.0

DisplayOp Free Edition 2.0 is a free tool assisting you to deploy infotainment systems in catering, retail, museums, hotels, events / trade shows and many other areas. With DisplayOp control of your web browser to the multimedia content on any LCD or

M2 Softphone  v.0.7.144

Download the SIP Voip Softphone for free, Megapin SIP and Jabber products represents the latest offering in the convergence communications market, integrating high end voice and data instant messaging into a convenient to use SIP based softphone, it

Run-It as  v.1.0

RunitAs runs an executable using the specified credentials (domain, user and password) from a limited or guest account. Similar to the Windows RunAs function with more features. Once all the required fields are set, it is a snap to create shortcuts

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